Rally Cap

Staff List

Head Coach
Assistant Coach
Tournament Co-Ordinator

Equipment List


  • Baseball Glove
  • Batting Helmet
  • Water Bottle


  • Sweat Pants, never shorts due to potential injury to skin and no jeans due to lack of flexibility
  • Jersey
  • Running shoes that are secure on feet, cleats are not required

Rules and Guide


Opening Procedure checklist

-Make sure the hot dog machine is clean. Turn it on as soon as you can it takes 15 to warm up.
-Make sure the float is $100. If not, please make a note when filling out receipt book at the end of shift.
-Pull out the hotdog buns from the fridge so they are not cold.
-Please cook 6 hotdogs at a time. Add more if needed.
-Make 1 pot of coffee. –Make popcorn.
-Set out condiments, cream, sugar and stir sticks.
-Set out candy that goes on the counter candy bags, chocolate bars.
-Open bathroom doors (key is hanging in concession)
-Put out garbage and recycling cans

Closing Procedure Checklist

-Put all condiments and counter candy away
-Close front
-Empty coffee filter and clean coffee pot.
-Clean hot dog and popcorn machine with vinegar solution.
-Bring in garbage and recycling bin. Empty garbage into main large garbage bin at field.
-Leave recycling until full then tie bag and leave in the back room.
-Put new bags in garbage and recycling bins.
-Make sure everything is restocked.
-Wipe surfaces and sweep floors.
-Count float, fill in receipt book.
-Receipt and cash deposit in the back room.
*Note if there is a game after shift count cash and deposit money leaving $100 float. The person after can do closing procedure. Thanks.