Parents Guide

Parent’s Guide to Lake Cowichan & District Minor Ball

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Thank you for registering your child with the Lake Cowichan & District Minor Ball Association (LCDMBA).  Our association has been designed to create a local opportunity for our children to be able to play the game of ball for fun, fair play and be in supportive environment to build their personal skills and teamwork skills.   

LCDMBA is a member of BC Minor Baseball Association and the rules of all age divisions can be found at  BC Minor Baseball Association is a member of Baseball Canada and their information can be found at

Parent Responsibilities

Become Involved

The success of our league is dependent on all parents being involved.  Parents are required to support the program by volunteering as outlined on the registration form.  Training will be provided for score keeping, pitch count, concession time and other duties as required at the beginning of the season. 

Any parent that is on the field during games need to be on the official roster and be insured for accidental injury.  If you would like to assist on the field during games in any capacity, please let the executive know as soon as possible.  Your name will need to be submitted to BC Minor Baseball before the season starts otherwise you cannot be on the field.  This applies to Tadpole and older age divisions.

Get Your Child to Practices and Games on Time

As in all sports, there are many events that your child must attend; practices, games, special events, etc. The coach wants your child to enjoy the experiences of baseball as much as possible. The coach also has a responsibility to look after the team as a whole. Start times are very important to get the most use out of field time.  Ensure arrival commitments are made as requested by the coach. Late or inconsiderate members hurt everyone. If your child is going to be late or miss, let the coach know in advance.

In past years, it has been a concern that players of all ages have been left at the field during practice or games with neither parent nor arrangements for the child to be under the care of another parent.  AT NO TIME SHOULD YOUR CHILD BE DROPPED OFF AT THE FIELD AND LEFT WITHOUT A PARENT.   This is a non-negotiable requirement for Tadpole, T-Ball, and Rally Cap.  Your child’s overall safety and health is your responsibility.

Let the Coach, Coach

The best way to help a child achieve their goals and reduce the natural fear of failure is through positive reinforcement. No one likes to make mistakes. If your child plays poorly or struggles, remember that they are still learning. Encourage their efforts and point out the positive aspects of their baseball skills, things they did well. As long as they gave their best effort, you should make them feel like a winner.  You can support their development by playing ball outside formal practice and games in a fun and encouraging environment.  Leave the coaching to the coach and enjoy your child by being their biggest, most positive fan in the stands.  Your child will enjoy the sport more with clear division of roles.


A list has been provided to the equipment your child must bring to every practice and game.  Please ask you child to ensure that they are indeed wearing their jock/jill.  It is one piece of equipment that is often overlooked but is very important to ensure your child is wearing.  Long pants, not jeans, must be worn at all times as the ground it quite abrasive on bare legs, absorbs some of the impact of ball hits and enables the coaches to have full practices including sliding.    If your child chooses to bring a bat or ball from home, please ensure the equipment is clearly marked with your child’s name.  Please also ensure the ball hat, glove and water is clearly labeled as well.

Association Responsibilities

Team Structure

After registration is completed, the executive as a collective group create the teams for the current ball season.  All players will automatically be placed on a team within their age bracket.  If you feel strongly that they should play in a lower or higher age division, please submit your request in writing to the executive outlining your request prior to March 15th, 2018.

When there is the capacity to create more than one team per age division the teams will be built within the following structure:

  • Previous player experience
  • Skill level as past history dictates
  • Family dynamics
  • Best Intentions to create equal skill level of each team

As with any team creation, it is not an exact science as children change between seasons with their skill level and/or advance their skill levels differently throughout the season. All teams will be formed and communicated to parents by Mid March.

Refund Policy

If registration fees need to be refunded, the refund will be processed as noted.

            April 16                                     No Refund

The Coaches

All our coaches are parent volunteers that have graciously offered their time to support our league and develop our players.  The association does support with training and ensuring coaching certifications is obtained at required levels outlined by BC Minor Ball.  Coaches and Assistant Coaches are required to provide an updated criminal check each and every year by mid March when the teams are formed.

Coaches have received their own Coaches’ Guide to Minor Ball for Lake Cowichan & District Minor Ball outlining the expectations of the role and etc.

The coaches’ commitments are to uphold our associations’ objectives to the best of their ability.

  • To provide coaching where every player improves in ball skills, understanding of the game and has FUN
  • To treat all players equally and with respect.
  • To ensure clear and concise communication with parents, players, and executive
  • To model expected positive, respect and good sportsmanship when dealing with other coaches, officials and players of all teams.
  • First point of contact with players and parents to address any concerns regarding attendance, sportsmanship, volunteer time, behavior and other conflicts
  • Report all concerns with players/parents and unresolved issues to the executive to ensure resolution to the situation.

Discipline or Conflict of Opinion

The principal behaviors to resolve any conflict or concern is:

  • Mutual respect and consideration
  • Clear communication of the actual problem
  • Appropriate time and private place to discuss after a cool down period
  • Agreed upon action to correct situation

Coaches and Parents are empowered by the association to address issues as they arise with the above-mentioned principals.  At any time, the concern can be escalated to the executive for further review.

As part of the registration form, it was outlined what the potential consequences when there is unacceptable behavior by parents or coaches.

“I also agree that if I fail to abide by the guidelines set out in the guide, I will be subject to disciplinary action that could include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Verbal warning by head coach, and / or the executive
  • Written warning which will be maintained by executive for a period of 2 seasons
  • Season suspension for the involved player/parent with no refund of registration fees and potentially not able to register for next season”

Please remember that everyone is a volunteer and is trying to do their best for LCDMBA and the players.

Executive for the Current Baseball Season

PresidentRachel Zalinko
Vice PresidentMargaret Murchie
TreasurerSpencer Day
RegistrarLynda Walters
SecretarySarah Pappenberger
Head UmpireTim Mcgonigle
DirectorClark Fenton
DirectorKelly Bergstrom
DirectorRyan Allen
DirectorJada Forrest