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Coaches Guide to Lake Cowichan & District Minor Ball

Thank you for your time commitment to be a coach with the Lake Cowichan & District Minor Ball Association (LCDMBA).  Our association has been designed to create a local opportunity for our children to be able to play the game of ball for fun, fair play and be in a supportive environment to build their personal ball skills and teamwork skills.    

LCDMBA is a member of BC Minor Baseball Association and the rules of all age divisions can be found at  BC Minor Baseball Association is a member of Baseball Canada and their information can be found at

Coach Overall Commitments

  • To provide coaching where every player improves in ball skills, understanding of the game and has FUN
  • To treat all players equally and with respect.
  • To ensure clear and concise communication with parents, players, and executive
  • To model expected positive, respect and good sportsmanship when dealing with other coaches, officials and players of all teams.
  • First point of contact with players and parents to address any concerns regarding attendance, sportsmanship, volunteer time, behavior and other conflicts
  • Report all concerns with players/parents and unresolved issues to the executive to ensure resolution to the situation.

Beginning of Season

  • Attend Coaches Meeting to get team information and equipment
  • Have team meeting with parents and players to outline:
    • Expectations for practice and game attendance
    • Volunteer requirements, ensure all positions are filled at this time
    • Review Parent’s Guide to Lake Cowichan & District Minor Ball
    • Outline how the year will be FUN
    • Discuss your consequences for breaking team/association rules
    • Hand out uniforms and review mandatory equipment
    • Hand out team schedule and key contact information
    • Remind parents to have everything labeled with child’s name

During Season

  • Ensure FUN is main motivator of team and yourself
  • Ensure FAIR PLAY by ensuring players are provide opportunity to learn and play numerous positions
  • Review player assessment forms and start formulating your opinions
  • Please ensure that you are respective of timelines set out by your division and you are adhering to the reporting requests in a timely manner

End of Season

  • Gather all uniforms and return equipment to association at League Windup Day
  • Prepare player assessment forms and hand in at League Windup Day
  • Attend AGM and encourage parents to attend to ensure our continued success

Discipline with Players

Players for the most part are engaged, coachable and need only a firm but positive correction to stop the undesired behavior.  Usually when the players start misbehaving, they are bored and not engaged in the practice/game. This of course is disruptive to the team and can potentially create injuries.

Coaches are empowered by the association to address issues as they arise.  At any time, the concern can be escalated to the executive for further review or guidance on how to address a situation.

The principal behaviors to resolve any conflict or concern are:

  • Mutual respect and consideration
  • Clear communication of the actual problem
  • Appropriate time and private place to discuss
  • Agreed upon action to correct situation

Some tips to focus players in practice:

  • Run to edge of field and back
  • Time outs on bench
  • Create new practice groups
  • Change activities, inject some quick fun to break the cycle
  • Ensure the players are clear what is expected and the consequences
  • Ensure drills in practice do not have majority of players standing around watching a few participating in the drill

When more serious problems arise, please take the time to assess the situation with a clear head and without heated emotion.  Engage the parents in the solution as they may have some tips on what works best for their child.  It will also help eliminate the players “painting a picture” when they get home that does not put the coach in a favorable light despite your best intentions.

Some questions to ask before taking the issue to the parent:

  • Has the situation already been addressed numerous times with the player?
  • What has been communicated as expectations?
  • What is really the problem?
  • How would you like to be approached if this was your child?
  • What change do you want to see?
  • What will be the next level of consequence?

Some suggested consequences:

  • Sit out of a favorite drill
  • Have player be the last to participate in a favorite drill
  • Have the player not play their favorite position for a cycle
  • Have player sit out an inning (please follow individual division rules)

Discipline with Parent Conduct

When a parent is the root of the problem, handling of the situation can be more difficult and will require more careful handling.   The same principals of addressing the situation are the same as the player but consequences are quite different.  The player for the most part is a casualty of the situation and has little control of the direction of the consequences.

Parents have received a copy of the guidelines and have signed to acknowledge that they will adhere to the guidelines.  As outlined in the guide:

  • Verbal warning by head coach, and / or the executive
    • Written warning which will be maintained by executive for a period of 2 seasons
  • Season suspension for the involved player/parent with no refund of registration fees and potentially not able to register for next season

When the initial discussion about the situation does not resolve the concern and if you need additional support or need to escalate due to the seriousness, please bring your concern to the executive.


Numerous websites exist that can provide drills, practice plans, ideas etc. YouTube is also a great resource to see drills in action and to further your coaching skills.

 Baseball Executive

PresidentRachel Zalinko
Vice PresidentMargaret Murchie
TreasurerSpencer Day
RegistrarLynda Walters
SecretarySarah Pappenberger
Head UmpireTim Mcgonigle
DirectorClark Fenton
DirectorKelly Bergstrom
DirectorRyan Allen
DirectorJada Forrest

The best way to reach the executive is via the contact us form.